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Sungevity's Klimaatnieuws - Week 38

We helpen je graag energie besparen. Daarom zetten we het laatste (internationale) solar-, klimaat-, en energienieuws voor je op een rijtje. Hoef je dat niet meer zelf te doen.

- Super! ‘27 Major Cities Retreat from Peak Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ - Scientificamerican. The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group examined its 96 member cities’ emissions inventories and found 27 cities that have peaked, such as New York City, London, and Sydney. 60 more cities are expected to have peaked by 2020.

- In ‘Breaking: good news about the battle against climate change’ reports Brainwash (Dutch) on the wave of divestments moving around the globe. Cities, universities, museums and even whole countries (Go Ireland!) divest from fossil fuels and invest in renewables instead. The global divestment movement has now moved 6,24 trillion dollar away from fossils, according to 350.org’s annual report.  

- The German artist Martin Nothhelfer, also known as the Wolkenradler (cloud cyclist) biked around Milan this week to ask attention for air pollution and sustainable mobility. His costume emits soap bubbles when the air is clean and smoke when the air is polluted, making air pollution visible in an instant. Read more in ‘Soap bubbles or smoke: in Milan the reveal-smog bicycle makes air quality visible’ - E-gazette (Italian).

- ‘Germany launches world's first hydrogen-powered train’ - The Guardian. Two of these zero-emission trains are currently running on a 100 km stretch in the north of Germany. The trains are more expensive initially but cheaper to run, and have a similar range to diesel trains, making them very suitable for non-electrified railway lines. Other German states have also expressed an interest in the trains, just as Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Italy, France and Canada. While we are on the topic of trains: The Guardian visualized seven endangered species that ‘are so close to extinction, that every remaining member can fit on a New York subway carriage (if they squeeze).

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Het is onze missie om de “Rooftop Revolution" te versnellen en alle daken vol met zonnepanelen te leggen. Al sinds 2012 zijn wij dé zonne-expert van Europa, met meer dan tienduizend installaties op onze naam. Onze aanpak? Op afstand kijken wij met geavanceerde software heel nauwkeurig naar jouw dak, je wensen en situatie. Alles om je zo goed en duidelijk mogelijk te adviseren. Zo weet je precies wat jouw opbrengst, kosten en voordeel zijn én dus precies hoeveel je bespaart. Meer over Sungevity

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