Collective offer for DSM employees in the Netherlands

✔ Discount on your solar system purchase
✔ Guarantee on your power yield
✔ Free VAT refund service

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Collective offer for DSM employees in the Netherlands

Simple and affordable solar panels on your roof. As a DSM employee, you receive a € 250 discount when you switch to clean solar power via Sungevity. Your first solar panel is free, which means that the first six months are already earned back. Like this you will quickly save several hundred euros on your energy bill.

An extra bonus: your family, neighbors and friends can also make use of this offer. That is a sunny prospect!



Your benefit

€250 Discount

This discount is equal to one free solar panel. That’s how you start saving very quickly and easily.

10 year sunsure yield guarantee

Guarantee on the yield of your solar system with the unique SunSure guarantee.

Free VAT service

We arrange that you get the 21% VAT back from the tax authorities for free (service is valued at € 145).

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DSM example calculation

The total investment for an example system consisting of 10 panels.

System costs

€ 4,544

DSM employee discount

- € 250


€ 4,294

VAT benefit

- € 745

10 year SunSure yield guarantee


All-in-one package price

€ 3.470

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