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Sungevity's Klimaatnieuws - Week 39

We helpen je graag energie besparen. Daarom zetten we het laatste (internationale) solar-, klimaat-, en energienieuws voor je op een rijtje. Hoef je dat niet meer zelf te doen.

- ‘In 2065 the mudflats might not exist anymore’ reports the NRC (Dutch). A new report from the research institute Deltares shows that sea level rise might be a lot quicker than previously predicted. The new insights show large effects on the mudflats near the Waddeneilanden, the lifespan of the delta works, and salinization in the north of the Netherlands. This means that the Netherlands needs to think about how it can adjust its water policy accordingly.

The Guardian also reports on new research. According to the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), the ‘EU must end new petrol and diesel car sales by 2030 to meet climate targets … if the auto sector is to play its part in holding global warming to the Paris agreement’s 1.5C goal’. By doing so, we would buy ourselves around 10 extra years to implement the fundamental transformations necessary to deal with climate change, thinks the DLR’s director.

- The Dutch ‘Rijkswaterstaat starts a test with a solar panel road as emergency lane’ - Solarmagazine (Dutch). BAM Infra and Wattway developed a special synthetic resin and polymer layer that contains solar panels and can be glued onto the asphalt, barely damaging the road. A test strip has already been placed on a smaller provincial road earlier this year, but now a larger test has started on the A2, one of the major Dutch highways.

- Did you know that 60% of our clothes are made out of synthetic fibers? These fibers are all forms of plastic. Estimates vary, but up to hundreds of thousands of fibers, which are essentially microplastics, could enter the water supply from just one single wash. In ‘More than ever, our clothes are made of plastic. Just washing them can pollute the oceans’  Vox dives into this subject. Some of the solutions? Washing less, using fibers that are less harmful for the environment, designing fabrics that shed less, and building filters into washing machines. 

- An uplifting longread from De Correspondent (Dutch, also available as podcast): ‘Read or listen: Your choices are a powerful weapon in the climate crisis (because you are not alone)’. The article gives inspiring examples of individuals whose actions started whole movements, such as Roger Cox (who sued the Dutch government together with Urgenda) and a small group of students from the university of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania (who unchained the global FossilFree movement). These are the well known cases. But most important thing to remember? That all over the world, countless of citizens are making small steps to become more sustainable. And that gives hope, because together all these millions of seemingly insignificant actions become enormously impactful.

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