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Sungevity's Klimaatnieuws - Week 33

We helpen je graag energie besparen. Daarom zetten we het laatste (internationale) solar-, klimaat-, en energienieuws voor je op een rijtje. Hoef je dat niet meer zelf te doen. Deze week met een thema: transportatie. 

- Let’s start with every Dutchies favourite mode of transportation: the bike. But not only of the Dutch it turns out: ‘Belgian wins 12.000 km race with solar e-bike’ - Nieuwsfiets (Dutch). The race, called The Sun Trip went from Lyon (France) to Ghangzou (China) and the Belgium winner finished a week! Before the number two.

- Also news about biking (and public transportation) in Trouw (Dutch) this week: ‘We need to bike and take public transportation to work more often’. The opinion article gives some very nice examples of how big companies have changed the standard from a lease-car to a public transport card or bike-bonus.

- From solar bicycles we move to solar cars. ‘German start-up trials solar car that can charge as you drive’ - Reuters. Almost ⅓ cheaper than a basic Tesla model 3 the car could become very popular - Businessinsider (Dutch). Already 6.500 cars have been pre-ordered.

- Not ready to give up the summer holiday vibes yet? Check out WiebeWkkr’s Twitter account. Wiebe has been driving to from the Netherlands to Australia for the last 2 years. What makes his journey really special is that he is driving an all-electric car and relies on stranger’s kindness to charge his battery. He also visits inspiring sustainable organisations along the way. For drool worthy travel videos and inspiring blogs, visit: plugmeinproject.

- ‘Airbus Zephyr Solar Powered Plane Sets New Record, Stays Aloft For 26 Days’ - Cleantechnica. With a wingspan of 25 meter, weighing 75 kilos, the Zephyr flies at a height of around 20 kilometers, almost twice as high as normal commercial aircrafts. Zephyr is unmanned and will most likely be used for surveillance and communication purposes in the future.   

- To finish off, exciting news from NASA, on Sunday it launched the ‘Parker Solar Probe on a historic journey to touch the Sun’. The probe will be able to withstand ‘the unrelenting heat of the corona’. It will transmit its first ‘science observations in December, beginning a revolution in our understanding of the star that makes life on Earth possible’.

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