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Sungevity's Klimaatnieuws - Week 31

We helpen je graag energie besparen. Daarom zetten we het laatste (internationale) solar-, klimaat-, en energienieuws voor je op een rijtje. Hoef je dat niet meer zelf te doen.  

- ‘Was this the heatwave that finally ended climate denial?’ writes Michael McCarthy for The Guardian. Will right-wing politicians and climate change deniers finally change their minds? Michael thinks they might: ‘Because what we are witnessing now is a historic shift in the way that the threat of climate change is perceived by the world, from prediction to observation.’ Climate change is no longer something of the future.   

- You might have already heard about Earth Overshoot Day. The day that 'we (all of humanity) have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the entire year'. This year it was the earliest one ever, on August 1st. But, Earth Overshoot Day is not on the same date for every country: in the Netherlands it falls on April 14th Trouw (Dutch) reports! Countries such as Vietnam and Morocco perform better, their Overshoot Days are in December.

- Have you ever thought about the footprint of your digital life? ‘The data centers used to power digital services now contribute approximately 2% of global GHG emissions – on par with the aviation sector,’ according to UNFCCC in 2016. And that number has gone up ever since. There are ‘projections that the entire communication technology industry could account for up to 14% of carbon emissions by 2040.’ Read more about the environmental impact of data and what some companies are doing to counter this growth in The Guardian

- Bonus: Our own Roebyem wrote an opinion article for Financieel Dagblad (Dutch). You can read it on our site (Dutch) too. In the article Roebyem argues that we need more green roofs to deal with the effects of climate change. They do not only lower inside and outside temperatures and improve the performance of solar panels during extreme heat, they are also great at absorbing excessive precipitation!

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