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Sungevity's Klimaatnieuws - Week 30

We helpen je graag energie besparen. Daarom zetten we het laatste (internationale) solar-, klimaat-, en energienieuws voor je op een rijtje. Hoef je dat niet meer zelf te doen.  

- You cannot have missed it: the heat. Scientist find that the Northern European ‘Heatwave [is] made more than twice as likely by climate change’ - The Guardian. According to the NOS (Dutch), this ‘summer will be called a cool summer in the future’. In the meantime, ‘Air conditioning use emerges as one of the key drivers of global electricity-demand growth’, according to the International Energy Agency.

 - New research shows that global warming might be ‘linked to higher suicide rates across North America’ - Scientific American. Last year, a study linked the ‘Suicides of nearly 60,000 Indian farmers to climate change’ - The Guardian.  

- A debate has been sparked in the Dutch media about introducing a ‘Vliegtax’ (flight tax). Currently, kerosene and flight tickets are exempt from VAT taxation in the Netherlands. The NRC (Dutch) lists ‘6 reasons to implement the flight tax directly’. The Volkskrant (Dutch) reports on research from Milieucentraal that looks at the environmental impacts of flying: ‘Return flight to Thailand? That is no meat for 6 years’.    

 - There was also plenty of clean energy news: ‘Mexico set a new world record’ by installing 18,990 solar panels in a single day, states the World Economic Forum in a video it shared on its Twitter. The Netherlands were the first to ‘place solar panels on a guardrail’ - Energienieuws (Dutch). ‘The largest solar roof in the Netherlands started to operate’ - Energienieuws (Dutch). The roof of a distribution center in Venlo now has more than 28.000 solar panels that generate enough energy to power 2000 households.

 - ‘The Caribbean has become a new hub for electric cars’ - World Economic Forum. The island nature (short ranges) and abundance of sun make the Caribbean very suitable for this way of transport. Meanwhile, ‘Shell is going to look for oil and gas off the coast of Mauritania’ - Het Financieele Dagblad (Dutch).

 - Do you bike to work every day? Well done! This article by De Correspondent (Dutch) explains why ‘the bike is way faster than you think (and the car way slower)’. Did you know that for every hour you bike, you live almost an hour longer as well?

Ontdek wat jij kunt besparen.